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The Look In Centre is a place where students from diverse backgrounds stretch their limits and learn from Tutors of distinction, industry leaders, and community members. Together, they explore, discover, and break boundaries as they address real-world issues. Additionally, by connecting theory with practice, LIC students will be better equipped to deal with the various aspects in the world.


If you come from a country that requires you to have a student’s visa, you should apply as soon as possible. In order to do so, you will need to go to a British Consulate with an unconditional offer letter from the College and evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover the course fees and living expenses.

Working in the UK

A person holding a student visa is allowed a maximum of 20 hours of work per week during term time and up to 40 hours per week during vacation. Spouses are allowed to work full time. Advice on this can be obtained from the College office or contact the home office web site


All fees are payable in advance except where special arrangements have been made with the College. Attendance of classes can only be allowed when the fee has been paid, or an application has been made to pay in instalments.

  • All tuition fees must be paid before completion of the course
  • In case of overseas students a certificate of enrolment will be issued on payment of the required tuition fees.
  • All students will be provided with the admission cards following to their enrolment and will be expected to have them in their possession when they are in college premises.
  • All full time courses are planned minimum of 15 hours per week in organised day time study in order to support the Home Office Policy for overseas students.
  • All overseas students will be required to meet the minimum attendance requirement (i.e 15 hours per week); failure to comply with the conditions may result in candidate being withdrawn from the course and the Home Office being notified appropriately, in this instance there will be no refund.
  • All absentees due to sickness will be excused, if the required documentation forwarded satisfies the purpose.
  • The respective authorities must be notified in case of change in address of the student.
  • Fees paid are not refundable unless the following conditions are applicable:
    • If a student provides proof with the supporting documentation that he has been refused entry visa by the British Authorities / Home Office.
    • Request for refund is made not less than 3 weeks before commencement of the course
    • When refund is offered all the college’s original documents must be returned back and the receipt must be presented.
  • Refund will be made deducting our administration charge of £ 300 which is non refundable.

The purpose of this policy is to explain to students, sponsors and staff when refunds of tuition fees will be made by the College . The policy will be reviewed each year.

The Director will be responsible for monitoring the College Refund Policy to ensure consistency of application.

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