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At The Look In Centre, we are committed to our students' whole development

We have dedicated members of staff that will play an integral role in your education, whether you are aware of it or not. The administrative team will make your entry to LIC a smooth and affordable one whilst ensuring that your day-to-day academic life is being satisfactory.

Furthermore, if you should experience challenges along the way, our resident Counsellors are here to listen and offer support.

Cost Of Living

There is a large range of prices of accommodation in London depending on a number of factors such as location. Prices tend to be high throughout central London but low cost student accommodation is available through specialised agencies or in student hostels. The College works very closesly with Dynamic Reality Estate Agent by reffering students who need private accommodation. If you require accommodation, please see our welfare officer for further information. Prices average from £ 70.00 - £ 150.00 per week for a shared room or house or flat. Students who wish to have private accommodation or their own apartment must be prepared to pay upwards of £150.00 per week in most central locations. However you must be also aware that you are required to pay a month’s rent in advance and a month’s rent as security deposit.

Council Tax:
If you are under 18, you do not pay Council tax and are not included in any Council Tax bill calculations. Under new rules from 1st April 2004, full time students are not legally liable for Council Tax and their names should not appear on the bill. However, sometimes you will need to negotiate payment with other people you share accommodation with. This is explained below. To prove that you are a full-time student you need to collect a Council Tax Exemption Certificate from the college once you have enrolled. You then need to send it or take it, to the Council Tax department of the Borough or Local Council

Leisure Time

A student who has NUS (National Union of Students) card receives discounts in bookshops, art shops, museums and galleries, theatres and even cinemas. Finding time to relax and unwind is very important. The Peckham Leisure centre is a short bus journey away from the college. It offers a wide variety of sporting activities including aerobics, gym, swimming pool, beauty parlours, as well as other specially organised classes such as dance. There are many places to see and go to in and around London. The public transport network is comprehensive and efficient and makes many areas accessible. Books and materials: Text books (depends on subject studied) £50 - £100 per semester. Paper, photocopying, laser printing etc. £50 per semester

Eating Out:
You do not need to eat out too often. There are a number of groceries stores like ASDA, TESCO, and SAINSBURY. They have delicious foods that are cheaper. If you choose to dine out, pubs are the prime spots for filling meals that will only cost you about £5.

Travelling Costs

The cost of a travel card within Greater London at Off-Peak is £5.40 per day, whilst at high peak it costs it £8.00 per day. The weekly travel Cards cost £39.50 and monthly travel cards cost £151.70 for an adult. For more information please click here However you are entitled to receive reduced price travel, if you are 16 or 17, you can get a 16/17 Photo card, to pay the child rate on tube and bus travel in London. The applications are available from anywhere selling London Transport tickets or on the Transport for London website.
If you are 18 or over and your course is at least 15 hours a week, you can apply for a London Transport Student Photo card. It costs £5 and gives a 30% discount on bus, tube and rail travel in Greater London. Pick up an application form from your College If you travel by over-ground train, you can buy a Young Person’s Rail-card to get 33% off any ticket for national rail travel after 10 am Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends. Pick up an application form at any British Rail train station.

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