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 12 September | 2006
The Lookin Centre moves offices to 69 Wimpole Street
Identity Depression Stress Relationships Bereavement Sexuality Alcohol and Substances Choices

We aim to provide counselling for all the above, and their related issues, exploring in depth, on either a long or short term basis to suit your requirements
Our counsellors are versatile and flexible in our approach, offering various theoretical influences, such as the PERSON CENTRED, HUMANISTIC, EXISTENTIAL INTEGRATIVE and PSYCHODYNAMIC theories to meet your needs.
The Look In Centre Limited offers a professional confidential counselling service, sporting and educationally programs, which is available to teenagers and adults. The service aims to provide opportunities to explore issues of concern in a non-judgemental environment. We also work with individuals to discover/clarify ways of living more resourcefully, by learning and growing in personal development, life skills, and self-awareness.

The service provides the following:
A confidential one to one, group, couple and telephone counselling service addressing personal, social and academic issues.

An educational programmed which provides training in self knowledge, self directive learning, communication skills, group dynamics, leadership skills, problem solving, decision making etc.

Resource material for students i.e.: Fact sheets, on a wide range of topics as; procrastination, time management, revision methods, self esteem, bereavement, depression, panic attacks, addictions etc. In addition recommended self help books on a range of personal/social and academic topics is also available.

Referrals to external professional services and agencies are facilitated if and when necessary.
Finally note that the counselling service is staffed by qualified and experienced counselling psychotherapists. To enable communication of individual, cultural and social issues. Organising performing events in the community.


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