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 30 July | 2007
Natalia Training & Recruitment Agency opens
 12 September | 2006
The Lookin Centre moves offices to 69 Wimpole Street
• Identity • Depression • Stress • Relationships • Bereavement • Sexuality • Alcohol and Substances • Choices •

We aim to provide counselling for all the above, and their related issues, exploring in depth, on either a long or short term basis to suit your requirements
Our counsellors are versatile and flexible in our approach, offering various theoretical influences, such as the PERSON CENTRED, HUMANISTIC, EXISTENTIAL INTEGRATIVE and PSYCHODYNAMIC theories to meet your needs.
What is the existential approach?

Existential ideas come from the philosopher Kierkegaard and are based on the inquiry into the nature of the mind and experience, particularly as it is, in the present moment.

What is person centred?

The person centred approach was developed by Carl Rogers in the fiftys. The idea is that the client is ultimately the best authority and it is themselves that can facilitate healing by retaining utmost control in session. For example, the client moves within their own pace and is not made to feel anything other than equal to the therapist. As therapists, we will be using our skills to guide the client towards the sense of safety that allow deeper exploration and insight to occur empathic reflection and is used to securely release any repressed thoughts and/or feelings.

What is humanistic?

The humanistic approach is based on the ideas of Abramham Maslow who proposed that self-actualisation is in need to realize one’s potential and understanding of one’s self as a whole person. This is similar to a man name Carl Jungs idea of indivucation and could be said to indicate a hidden dimension to life and the development of the self.

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