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Identity Depression Stress Relationships Bereavement Sexuality Alcohol and Substances Choices

We aim to provide counselling for all the above, and their related issues, exploring in depth, on either a long or short term basis to suit your requirements
Our counsellors are versatile and flexible in our approach, offering various theoretical influences, such as the PERSON CENTRED, HUMANISTIC, EXISTENTIAL INTEGRATIVE and PSYCHODYNAMIC theories to meet your needs.
We are a team of qualified and committed counsellors and psychotherapists offering general and specialist one to one, group and couples counselling on all issues across London. We also provide consultancy counselling for major organizations and corporate clients. Whenever possible we will provide home visits for clients with restricted mobility. Our aim is to provide a quality service, local to you, with reasonable fees
Counselling sessions will take place between 9am to 6pm weekdays. Private sessions may also be arranged for clients on an evening basis or weekends depending on staff availability.

There will be an initial assessment for each client which should take 50 minutes. Counselling sessions fees are negotiable dependent on numerous factors and will 50 minutes in duration.

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