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 30 July | 2007
Natalia Training & Recruitment Agency opens
 12 September | 2006
The Lookin Centre moves offices to 69 Wimpole Street
All our work is governed by a professional Code Of Confidentiality. We operate in strict accordance with the government’s Equal Opportunities Policy, striving to provide for our client’s needs regardless of age, colour, ability/disability, ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, marital status, sex or sexual orientation.















Life Coaching

Helping young adult men and women to live a purposeful life help them to get in touch with their calling enjoy a career that reflects life mission and true values also to annihilate the stress in your life.

The Lookin Centre promotes and executes life and business coaching in order to help clients realise, at every opportunity, their true god-given potential.

This is because the human mind, which is a free flowing mass of positive energy, is strong enough to surmount just about any challenge that life throws at us (mankind). Such tremendous ability is reinforced by the fact that we all operate from that powerful place within where possibilities abound.

Babies and other species of the animal kingdom seem to frolic in this inherent gift of freedom and individuality.

As a result, people with a strong foundation in values, vision, vitality and communication use this boundless characteristic of life to soar to incredible heights of success and self-mastery.

But life experiences, including cultural underpinnings, have inhibited the ability of many of us to tap into this enormous reservoir of pure human power.

And because of this, we lead lives that are remote from what we have always dreamed of and imagined. We fail to pursue our passions – the things that would bring us eternal happiness and make us beam with pride and satisfaction with each passing day.

Such reality has made a lot of us feel that there is something inside deep within the fabric of our being, which is constantly struggling to be extricated, but is continually being restrained by our inhibitions. This is because we believe that we cannot change our reality.

George P. Burnham once admonished: “I can’t do it” never yet accomplished anything; but “I will try” has performed wonders.

Every drop of Burnham’s observation is true. And do you know why? An “I can’t do it” mentality does not motivate and inspire the human mind to explore the possibilities or any alternative actions to bring about life-changing states of existence.

However, the Lookin Centre is about to change all of that with our highly acclaimed life and business coaching services. These services, as offered by the Lookin Centre, have been developed on the belief that human beings were created for excellence.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership based on a structured process, which enables the client (which could be you) to think bigger, set more rewarding goals, and achieve extraordinary results.

You can derive a plethora of benefits from coaching if you adhere the guidance and recommendations of your coach.
Here are some of the benefits of life and business coaching.


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